Candy crush addiction is real!

Candy Crush addiction: Is it good or bad?

Everybody has heard of Candy Crush, and don’t act like you didn’t. Colorful candies and lollipops fill your screen while waiting for you to sweep them away to get to the next level. There are not many who would admit that they have a candy crush addiction, but the truth is that the game actually has that effect on people Are you unsure if you are at risk? Here are 10 signs you’re addicted to Candy Crush! * You know the trick on how to get infinite lives by changing the date on your phone. * You dream about matching candies in your sleep. * Getting nervous when you don’t have your phone in your hand is a fact. * No matter the reason, you just can’t stop playing before you reached the next level. * A quick late night look at your phone turns into hours of playing. * You feel bonded with a complete stranger if you catch them playing the same game. * People with Candy crush addiction are totally in love with gold bars. * You always have your charger with you, so you never run out of battery. * You have searched the internet for different candy crush strategy that you can use. * Your family or friends are planning an intervention.

Touch screen video games

Best Touch Screen Video Games

The video games are all the rage in today’s times but what makes a mobile game be ranked as one of the best touch screen video games in the world? When deciding, what games make the cut, one of the first things that are looked at is the content. The bar has been set so high that all video games in 2017 do not only have to have a compelling storyline, the content has to be enough for a few days or even months of play. The second criteria are the quality of the game. Touch screen video games have a come a long way with gaming graphics improving by the day. For a game to be ranked as the best, therefore, it has to have stunning, convincing graphics. Lastly, the game has to be more or less “addictive.” Games that users play for hours on end without putting their phones or tablets down are preferable as they generate more revenue for their publishers.

Video games upcoming releases

Video games upcoming releases

This coming holiday season will not be a let down for the Final Fantasy fans. What is regarded as one of the best role-playing games of all time, Final Fantasy 7 remake will be ready for Christmas. After several teasers from Square Enix, the game will be ready to all gamers around the globe at a later announced date. This remake of Final Fantasy 7 will be told in the span of three games, each of which will, assumably, have individual release dates. The storyline of the game is said to be almost identical to the 1997 original, with tweaks to match modern video game standards. There is no doubt that the game will be under heavy scrutiny and weighed up against the original source. Nevertheless, the release of one of these years most anticipated games will undeniably be something to look forward. For more of these video games upcoming releases news, be sure to keep up to date to your favorite video games upcoming releases news sources.

Video games kill imagination

Nowadays, almost every child in the world plays at least one video game. This is not a good thing, in fact, it should be a sign of alarm! Why? Because they will lose the most beautiful part of their lives, their childhood. Video games kill children’s imagination because they encourage them to become a part of the game, which makes them simply not realising the beautiful things in their childhood. Also, most of the new video games encourage violence, and it doesn’t seem like a real thing, but this violence will most likely appear later in the children’s behaviour. While a child is being caught in the game, they forget about what really matters: family, friends and a lot more other important things. Video games kill children’s abilities to communicate with others because they are spending a lot of time playing them. Unfortunately, New video games leave nothing to the imagination and even if it hurts, it is the truth. So from now on, try to show your children the things that are really important. If you don’t take action now, they might spend their whole life in the virtual World.

Video games help kids learn

Video games help improve focus and learning

You will often hear parents and teachers complain about kids spending too much time on video games. But Research reveals video games can help improve grades. There are many ways in which video games can help with grades. First of all, video games help to improve concentration skills. Second of all, there are many educational video games developed to help kids learn the alphabet or simple maths. Furthermore, video games help kids to take a break from their studies every once in a while in order to just simply have some fun. Regular study breaks will improve grades over time, as kids concentrate better during the time they actually spend on their studies. And finally, video games improve the sense of imagination, which in turn helps kids to be creative in class. Being able to be creative is a great asset for children when they grow up and enter the workforce. In sum, it is a great idea to let your kids play video games once in a while.

Video game arguments about thier impact on society will never be won


We, as a society are often trying to find reasons and explanations as to why in this day and age there are still so many violent crimes. One of the most recent games to come under fire is the ever popular Grand Theft Auto, which was criticised for its violent and sexual crimes against women. Can a video game really teach boys that it is fine to abuse women, or is this a behaviour that is learnt within the home, from television or books? How can we single out one genre of media and proclaim that this is the reason that the abuse of women is still an issue? Hatred, a game that was recently released on the PC platform, Steam, has you play as a violent sociopath with a total disdain for the human race. Players are required to kill the general public and the police using the plethora of weaponry within the game. Should we blame the game Hatred for the next school shooting or should we blame the bully who pushed him over the edge? Why is it this specific genre of Entertainment that is causing alarm, are we as a society just looking for a scapegoat? There are endless video game arguments as to why, or why not we should be blaming the stream of violent video games that are released every year. The realistic graphics are often the subject of video game arguments; the blood spatter, the physical reaction of being shot or blown up, or our ability to partake in sexual acts. But, how can we definitively say that video games have a negative impact on society? Are we just looking for someone, something, anything to blame for an issue that has been around for centuries?

The best of video games that became movies

The best of video games that became movies

Video games have been around for a long time, their popularity increasing over the years, among people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds – it was only a matter of time before they started being turned into movies. Some examples of video games that became movies are Bloodrayne, Mortal Kombat, and Resident Evil, and while some films in the Resident Evil series have been successful, most video game movies tend to be very disappointing. Other video games that became movies have been slightly more successful, such as Final Fantasy: Advent Children and the Lara Croft films, but even then, the success is measured in how much they grossed upon release. Resident Evil, for instance, has received poor reviews while still raking in the cash. But there is still hope, it seems. Video gamesthat became blockbuster movies include Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Warcraft and several Pokémon-movies, which shows that while Hollywood is still trying to understand the appeal of video games, they are learning how to make them appealing for their audiences.

Top 5 video games best buy

Top 5 video games best buy

Top 5 video games Best Buy list consist of these titles at the moment: Overwatch by Blizzard, The Sims 4 by Electronic Arts, World of Warcraft: Legion by Blizzard, Fallout 4 by Bethesda and Battleborn by Take2. This is a very interesting video games best selling list actually; because it contains only titles for casual gamers and e-sport lovers. Fallout 4 is the exception here, but that franchise has a big fan base – mostly old school gamers. The rest of the video games best selling titles consist of multiplayer games, whether it is MMORPG or MMO. In other words, this is a very informative list and we can see the future of gaming just by looking at it; competitive games with multiplayer support will keep ruling the charts. The only problem here is the age old question of are paid expansion packs are killing video games or not? which we can answer “yes” to most of the time. This is especially true for the Sims 4 franchise, there are lots of expansion packs for that title and each one costs more than 20 USD. Unfortunately, most of the Electronic Arts games are like this, and you need to keep paying money just to get access to a “full” game. But video game lovers seem to be willing to keep on paying for the expansion packs and until the developers see otherwise nothing is going to change.

Virtual Reality : The new technology for video games

Virtual Reality and video games

Video games have come a long way from TV arcade to the virtual reality platform. Virtual reality games need to be understood as they are quite different from traditional games with consoles. It involves experiencing 3-dimensional space and interacting with the virtual environment of the game. The experience is magnified with bio-sensing technology. Sensors attached to the body will record the movements and include them in the game play. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

This new technology is taking gaming to a different level altogether. Players now can live in the world of their imagination, and interact with characters live. This technology is being used extensively in the USA and Europe, and now Canada is stepping up too. The New arcade for virtual reality games in Waterloo is a testimony to the fact that Video games in Canada is fast catching up with technology. Sony has also introduced virtual reality games in their new PS 4. The future of gaming is going to be this revolutionary technology.

Minecraft App

Minecraft App for Smartphone

The Minecraft App is one of the most popular apps downloaded on Android as well as iOS platform. With gaming going mobile with smartphones, applications of games have regained their popularity, Minecraft is one of the earliest 3D games to become popular on the sandbox platform. Minecraft App is the newest addition to the Google app store and Apple iTunes and has become one of the Top Apps in Canada this month. It is only second to the famous Bejeweled game in the number of downloads. So, what’s good about this new app?

It helps you play your favourite Minecraft game while away from the computer. It has added a new creative mode which lets users have access to all the items for free. This is the best feature as on Minecraft for PC, you have to buy the credits to get items. You can build a project of your own and this feature lends creativity to the existing game. Being available on your smartphone means that you can play whenever you have free time, regardless of where you are. The only drawback is the size of maps, which is small in comparison to playing on PC.

This is due to small screen size, and when you are playing on your 8-inch tablet it feels better. But for players who love the PC version, it is a pale copy, as it contains fewer features and is less challenging as well. However, it is a good addition for smartphone users.